Refund policy

Software subscription

Our software subscription license is based on a monthly rolling contract. License fees are non-refundable, but you can at any point downgrade your user licenses, or cancel your subscription at a month's notice.

Software setup fee | 30 day free trials

We honor a full refund of your set up fee if you are not happy during your 30 Day Trail Period and would like to cancel the software subscription. In the event where labour/man hours have incurred by Gnomen's staff for services such as face-to-face training, data migration, template integration, etc. a full refund is given at the Manager's descretion, or a deduction may be made to cover the cost of labour incurred.

Website design

Websites are refundable where no labour has incurred. If any labour has incurred by our web designers a deduction will be made for any labour carried out based on a daily rate of £450+VAT up to the value of the website. If a website purchase is made based on a monthly subscription fee, you are subject to a one year minimum contract. The amount of one year's of website subscription fee is payable in full if the contract is terminated within the first 12 months.

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